Sunday, 5 July 2015

Belt tightening

My spending track at the end of the week is showing that spending's been on the heavy side this week. Including The Chair, two Venitian blind to replace broken ones and a couple of other bits for the house we've spent £92 on house things alone. Added to usual weekly grocery costs, a takeaway, two non-home made lunches and some gifts to put away for Christmas we've spent much more than usual. 

Living the high live: Melted marshmallows and fizzy wine
This week we'll be tightening our belts to compensate. Of course we havn't got a chair and blinds to buy (why does everything break at once?), but extra savings will come from planning meals to use up what we have and planning work lunches. Mr CB is cooking up a batch of Thai curry as I type, with Quorn and lots of veg and the enticing smell is wafting up the stairs. We'll have some for dinner, some for lunch at work tomorrow and freeze the rest. I've got curry and spag bol in the freezer from previous large batches, lots of gluten free sausages picked up from a bargain bin this weekend, frozen fish, prawns, bacon and who knows what else hiding in the freezer, so we're set. 

Now for the tricky part: Not giving in to the temptation to but food on a whim, especially on the way back from the gym and ready to flop, or bored at work and thinking "Mmm, I could just go for_______ for lunch."  I'l' stay strong!

Anyone else eating down their food stash to save money 
this week?

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