Saturday, 4 July 2015

Charity Shop Gold: The Chair

Today saw the completion of a long quest: To find The Chair. Mr CB has been seeking The Chair in charity shops for several years to no avail, but it appeared in the charity shop at the bottom of our road last weekend. It nearly ended tragically as it had been sold a minute before we got there (literally a minute - so close!) but the lady who bought it changed her mind the next day and we got a call telling us it was ours if we wanted it. Joy! My CB is delighted and is finding hard to leave the chair now he's sat in it. He may age and die there, best keep an eye on him.

The living room is in diasaray at the moment as I'm painting it so everything's all moved about and in the way. It's coming together one wall at a time, and is slowly being transformed from dull brown and cluttered to fresh green and clear. I'm looking forward to finishing and posting before and show off-y after pics.

After a day of shopping and painting I've been enjoying some crochet time in the garden with an audio book and cats for company (can you spot the cat hiding in the top photo?). Crochet + Garden + Sun = Blissful, although I think I need some practice at sitting still as I keep jumping up to do something. Which is exactly what I'm going to do now; we're having a bbq for two so I'm going to go make halloumi and mushroom skewers and Mr CB's making burgers. It's hot but windy out there so this could be a very British bbq! 

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