Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Mid month check in: July

At the beginning of July I set myself three aims for the month ahead. To help keep me on track (and, ok, to give myself a little pat on the back) here's my progress so far:

1) Get back into my online hypnotherapy course: This has gone well. For the first week of July I deliberately set it aside to spend time preparing for a Reiki One attunement I was doing at the weekend but after that I picked it up again, studying in small 15 minute chunks with 5 minute breaks to keep me motivated.

2) Step up my blog design: I've been putting off doing an about page so I jumped straight into it after writing my July Aims post. After all that procrastination it was actually fine. I think writing it when I was focused on my blog and why I do it helped a lot. I then made a new banner and tidied up the blog layout a bit. I'd still like to get everything fitting together a bit better, but it's a learning process so I'll tweak it as I go. I'm classing this aim as COMPLETE.

3) Keep tracking my spending in detail: I've been doing this for over 6 weeks now and it's become a daily habit. It's certainly giving me an insight into what's going on with my money day to day, and I think it's helped me spend less because I know that whatever I spend money on will be on the tracker in all it's glory.

I'm pleased with the progress I've made on these aims so far in July, and feel that writing them on this blog has helped by keeping me accountable. I'm even looking forward to setting new aims for August.

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