Monday, 13 July 2015

Passing it one

At the weekend I was honoured to perform a Reiki Level One attunement. It's a simple, spiritual experience where the Master passes on the ability to channel Reiki to the Student. You get 'tuned in' to the energy, allowing it to flow through you.

Passing on an attunement faces the Reiki Master with a challenge: To trust that if we follow the process with the highest intentions Reiki will do the rest and that the Student will receive the attunement. I knew that if I faltered, doubted, worried, the attunement wouldn't work, just as worrying about the results of a treatment during a Reiki healing session can (in my experience) block some of the flow. Rising to the challenge of letting go and trusting has opened my mind to what's possible when I put my trust in Reiki to work to the highest good.

The experience has been profound yet so simple. I've learnt so much from teaching Reiki to another person because it's given me the precious opportunity to put aside my own expectations and see it all through beginners eyes. What a gift! What we give out comes back to us; in this case I gave with enthusiasm (I get very enthusiastic about Reiki) and was met with interest, joy and wonder. And of course it doesn't just apply to Reiki: Next time you teach something you enjoy to someone else, savour how new and exciting it is to them and see how it fires your own enthusiasm further, giving you and exciting new perspective.

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