Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tah-duh: Craft Fail

Most craft blog posts are about the glorious successes. This is a blog post with a difference; it's the story of me, a dress, a pair of scissors and no clue.

I bought this dress from Primark a few weeks ago for £5, thinking "Hey, what a cute dress, that won't add a foot to my dimensions in every direction or anything ".

How wrong I was.

When I put it on I appeared to be unsuccessfully hiding an advanced pregnancy, with twins, but - mind over matter - I persuaded myself that it would work out fine because it would be loose and comfortable, Summery and light.

Several weeks passed, I tried it on, thought "No" and decided it just wouldn't do. Normally I'd have given it to a charity shop but I like the fabric a lot and thought it would look good as a skirt. I got my fabric shears out and, choppy choppy...

Snipped the top off. I folded the top in two to make a waist band, checked my measurements and sewed the skirt part to it.

The results were two fold. Firstly it didn't quite fit and there was a cacophony of ripping threads as I pulled it on. Secondly it still made me look remarkably large. So now I'll be salvaging the fabric for something else (not a skirt. Or a dress).

Craft. Fail. 

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