Saturday, 8 August 2015

Park and Pie

 Today we finally went to Chevin Forest Park near Otley after meaning to go for, literally, years.  Isn't it daft how you can pass something by for so long when it's so near? It turns out we've been missing out. The views were amazing.

After walking though the woods we stopped to admire the view and eat a picnic. It reminded me of being by the sea; all that openess. 

We got a bit lost when we continued out walk but it didn't matter as we knew we'd end up figuring it out eventually. When I was growing up I went walking every weekend, more during the holidays. I'd forgotten how good it feels to get into the woods and just walk with no aim in mind. Exploring and taking any old path frees up my mind. Having to watch my step on the roots and knobbly ground focussed my attention on the moment to hand. I found it easy to let my thoughts wander about on their own, and felt properly relaxed for the first time in several (stressy work) weeks.

 Afterwards we picked up supplies and Mr CB baked a gluten free mince and onion pie. The pastry was pre-made but at some point we'll make a joint attempt to make the pastry from scratch. I've made regular wheat flour pastry from scratch before but gluten free is a bit intimidating, being temperamental, crumbly stuff.

And then there's Mrs. Doyle, in a box - 'nuff said.  

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