Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Just one big Autumnal aim

No September aims...no October aims...what's going on? Well there's been a fair bit of disruption in the Crafty Blueberry household these past couple of months which has led to both of us having one big shared aim: Find new jobs. For Mr CB it's necessity because his temporary contract has ended. For me it's out of choice as I'm in need of a change and, hopefully, one that leads to better things.

All other aims have been pushed to one side as we work on our shared purpose and try to get through a difficult time. Thanks to our low-key, simple lifestyle home and daily tasks are ticking along as usual without disruption. Times like this, when the near future is so uncertain and the further future is a total blank, make me grateful for how we live. Over the last two years Mr CB has paid off the debt from his one time business and we've both saved up. Neither of us has a fancy lifestyle to maintain so however happy we may or may not be about life's ups and downs we can at least be comfortable  and well-fed.

October's aims are therefore two fold: Get a new job and remember how lucky we are to life this life we both love.

Feeling on top of the world together on Holyhead Mountain

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