Monday, 27 March 2017

Back to life

Over a year ago I put this blog to bed. I wasn't writing often and life in general was getting more demanding; sometimes you have to help yourself by lightening your own load, and blogging was one of the things I was able to put down to take some pressure of myself. It's that thing where you feel snowed up by no one thing in particular, just lots of little things.

Leeds Liverpool Canal

A lot has happened since then. Me and Mr Crafty Blueberry have both got new jobs in a much better organisation than the one we were both working in before. I didn't realise how much harm my old workplace was doing to me until I left. There was bullying, gossip, favouritism and someone running to the toilets in tears every few days. I'd been there so long though that I thought all jobs must be like that! Leaving to work in a more balanced workplace has changed things around for me. I used to get headaches every day, mood swings, sleeplessness, palpitations...not good. My mental and physical health are much more balanced now.

Margaret Bridge, Budapest

We're now at a point where Mr CB has his first permanent job in 8 years, I'm looking into being at least partially self-employed, we've saved a deposit and are looking for a new home. It feels like lots of new challenges and adventures lie ahead and I feel happy and ready to meet them

Snowdonia from Anglesey