Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Eating All The Things Part 2

We're now three weeks in to eating our way through our stockpiled and forgotten groceries.  We have done some shopping but it's been for essential fresh food, mainly vegetables, milk and eggs.  Have there been failures?  Oh yes:  going out to work, forgetting to turn the slowcooker on and coming home to an uncooked chicken casserole that had been sitting out all day and had to be disposed of was one such failure.  Rice pudding made with coconut milk and chopped apple was another.  We've also thrown out some things that were hanging round in the freezer for too long to be sure about and that we didn't want to take risks with.

A big victory has been saving money on work lunches.  Neither me nor Mr CB buy many work lunches but lunches made at home can get boring (soup, AGAIN) or expensive when we try to jazz them up with something different.  Cue leftovers:  I've been cooking a little bit extra of things like rice and pasta dishes and we've had the extra next day for lunch, which costs next to nothing.  I know, I know, leftovers for lunch aren't exactly revolutionary, but it's got me into good habits and made lunches more varied.  

At this point we're running out of meal ideas, although I've found two bags of Quorn pieces in the freezer and a packet of fajita chicken mix in the cupboard, so they'll be making each other's acquaintance.  Mr Crafty Blueberry will be making cottage pie some time this week and we'll be marinating some chicken legs from the freezer in curry paste and roasting them at the weekend.  Tomorrow's a cheat day though as Mr CB found 20p stir fry veg in a reduced bin so we'll be buying some spicy tofu to fry it with.  Got to have Tofu Thursday, it's one of this household's finest traditions!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Every year I forget how beautiful Autumn is.  I get distracted by the relief of Spring bursting out green after the grey months, Summer piling on the golden beauty and by worrying about Winter.  Here's a reminder for me, just some photos of my local park wearing it's stunning Autumn outfit.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Eating All The Things Part 1

It's about half way through our month of eating all the things.  It's been going pretty well; I've shopped but only for fresh fruit, vegetables and milk so I've already saved lots of grocery money.  (Ok, apart from some ice cream and poppadums...)  The freezer has been bountiful, with several forgotten cuts of meat emerging as well as other tasty odds and sods.  We've got to the point where we've run out of some bits like seasonings we usually cook with but have decided to try not to restock until November.

The money saving's been good but what's been better is realising how much food we buy because it's cheap but which we then don't use because we forget about it.  I think one reason for this is that when times have been hard I've squirrelled food away to see us through; do that for a few years and you've got a well ingrained habit there.  I don't need to do that any more and that's a big adjustment to make, because being well stocked up has been a comfort and a safety net.  I don't want to do without food stores completely though because it can really be a money saver.  The difference is I need to have a stock of things we actually will use so we can make less supermarket trips and impulse buys, rather that stocking up on whatever's cheap out of fear of running out.  It's funny how the 'thin' times affect you, even when they've passed.  Actions that served you well at the time can become a coping mechanism long afterwards.

I'm looking forward to making a fresh start in November with more room, more meal ideas (thank you necessity and ingenuity), less waste...and a defrosted freezer.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday Soup: Parsnip and Leek

 Sundays are often soup days in the Crafty Blueberry household as I like to prepare for the work week ahead as much as possible, and a batch of soup gives me enough to have a couple fresh and some in the freezer so I can alternate between soup and leftovers.

Today's soup is parsnip and leek as that's what's on offer in Aldi at the moment.  It smells earthy, sweet and oniony and is a hearty soup indeed.

To make 6 large portions of soup you will need:

3 parsnips, chopped
3 leeks, chopped
Vegetable tock cubes - I ended up using 3 as I like the strong flavour but you could less
2 litres of boiling water
Mixed herbs
Black pepper
Olive oil

Heat the oil and gently fry the black pepper and herbs for half a minute then add the leeks, cover and sweat for 5 minutes.  Add the parsnips and stock dissolved in the water.  Simmer for 20 minutes then blend it all up in a blender. 

I hope you're enjoying the Autumn as much as I am.  I do dread Winter but I try to make as much of the cooling weather as possible, with crisp walks, hearty food and blankets on the sofa.  And soup of course!

Autumn pretending to be Summer at Rodley Nature Reserve

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Gluten free and dairy free fruit cake

Inspired by Frugalwoods among others me and Mr CB are having an 'Eat ALL The Things' month.  Throughout October we'll be eating our way through our cupboards and freezer to use up all those things that get pushed to the back of the cupboard, saving food waste and money at the same time.

It's been going well so far; I've come up with some meals which are new to us and we've been eating well and using up lots of forgotten food.  This morning I went through my baking cupboard and pulled out half packets of this and that and decided to use them up in a fruit cake.  It had to be gluten free as Mr CB is is a coelic so I found an easy recipe from Frugal Queen (here) and adjusted it using advice I found here.  I havn't converted 'normal' cake recipes before but the trick seems to be to add more moisture, an extra egg and just the right ratio of xanthan gum.  The result is a moist, sweet, easy to make cake that's gluten and dairy free.  I even managed to use up a small jar of mincemeat from last Christmas.  I made a note of the changes I made so here's the recipe.

300g Doves Farm gluten free self raising flour
300g sugar (I used light brown sugar to use up the leftovers of a bag)
1 tsp mixed cake spice
1/2 tsp xanthan gum
500g dried fruit (I mixed my jar of mincemeat with a handful of leftover dates and half a bag of sultanas to make it up to roughly 500g.
1/2 cup orange juice (or cold tea if you prefer)
2 eggs

Mix the dried fruit (and mincemeat if using) with the orange juice and microwave for 2 mins.  

Mix the dry ingredients so that they're well combined (important!) then add the fruit (complete with any orange juice that hasn't been soaked up) and eggs and mix the whole lot together well.  

Pour into a lined 7 inch cake time and let it sit for 10 mins; this allows the xanthan gum to get to work.

Bake at 180 C for about an hour.  When you insert a skewer into the middle and it comes out clean the cake's done.

Well writing out the recipe's given me a hankering for a mid afternoon slice so I'm off to go nom nom nom.